With over 20 years combined experience, we perform functions such as general ledger accounting, payroll, financial analysis, bank reconciliations and financial statement preparation.

Acclaimed for producing customizable solutions for the clients’ accounting needs of all kinds, we are a comprehensive solution for all our current and potential clients’ accounting needs. We utilize dedicated servers using the most modern software and hardware to maintain our innovative edge over our competitors. Our client data (hard copy and electronic) are properly safeguarded against security breaches. To further ensure client data protection and improved customer service, our website is currently being updated to include upload file encryption enabling you to transmit your financial data with guaranteed data security and confidentiality. We consider our client community’s satisfaction to be an honest measure of our performance.

Services we offer:

Individual & Corporate Taxes | IRS Debt Clearing | Rapid Refund | Return Amendments | Bookkeeping | Payroll | Business Startup and Formation